Price of Bath 'Reacto' Tennis Balls

Price of Bath 'Reacto' Tennis Balls:

  • Reaction Tennis Balls
  • Quality pressureless tennis balls in a tube
  • A unique tennis ball designed to help improve hand eye coordination, agility and reaction times
  • Follow on ball to the Mini Green and one stage before regular tennis ball
  • Size: 66 mm

The Price of Bath Reacto Tennis Ball is our own original take on a reaction ball,  covered by tennis cloth, looking and feeling like a 'real' tennis ball. The Reacto ball's path is determined by which part of the ball comes into contact with the court when it lands. 

The Reacto tennis ball alters the regular rebound of the Mini Green ball by 10-15%  creating a manageable element of unpredictability for the player.

Focussing on improving the player's reaction, increasing their success before moving onto the faster yellow tennis ball.

A quality ball, designed and manufactured in the UK by Price of Bath, the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe. Producers of sporting balls since the 1930s.

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