Original Mini Red 75 Tennis Balls

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Original Mini Red Tennis Ball:

  • Developed for the LTA
  • Bigger target to hit
  • Lower bounce, specially designed for children
  • Slower pace, to help achieve success
  • Size 75 mm diameter

This ball was first developed for the Lawn Tennis Association in 2001, in a bid to find an easy way for children to have early success with tennis. It is the lowest compression ball, with a lower bounce, slower off the racket easier to hit and return.

We were the original and only manufacturer for many years but now share the market with many 'copycat' balls. We believe our ball still stands out amongst the crowd.  Try some and see what you think! 

A quality ball, designed and manufactured in the UK by Price of Bath, the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe. Producers of sporting balls since the 1930s.

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