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We are small, family run company who have been making balls, here in Britain, for over 80 years and crossing 3 generations.

Joseph Price came to Box in 1936 to run a, what was then, small factory, developing and making rubber products, including car and lorry tyres, tennis balls and squash balls.

Derek soon followed in his father's footsteps and joined the business in 1947, taking the helm and growing the business in 2 areas, rubber balls and rubber components. Derek's knowledge of rubber combined with his engineering background allowed the business to grow in both areas and the company was soon exporting all over the world and fast becoming a well-respected rubber manufacturer for industry. For more details of this side of the business please see our rubber mouldings site - www.jpricebath.co.uk

Louise, one of Derek's daughters, formally joined the business 4 years ago and with her hands-on experience of the factory garnered since a childhood spent ‘helping out’, has left them well placed to run their ever-changing business together. Has this allowed Derek to 'take time off'? To retire? Not likely, just gives him more time to focus on the ball ideas of a lifetime, banked for development and the new factory we are building just a mile down the road.

As a company, we are committed to providing excellent quality balls, all ‘Made in England’. This is a label we wear with pride, in part because we think it stands for quality but also because it has become something of a rarity. It signifies a business that successfully makes a product here in Britain, surviving, often against the odds, in a market that typically chooses to export production elsewhere.

We have designed and developed balls for many major organisations, often assisting sports in their infancy when standard balls haven't existed in the marketplace. For example, Derek was the brains behind the first ever larger and lighter 75mm Mini Red Tennis Ball for the LTA. The idea was so successful, the ball was adopted worldwide by the ITF and has contributed to getting more children involved in tennis. 

The company also designed the larger Magnum type 3 tennis balls for the International Tennis Federation, which later became a World Standard ball. We also created the official balls for The England Squash & Racketball Association for ‘Mini Squash’ and Racketball.

We will continue to grow our family business here in Wiltshire and look forward to working with customers across the globe.

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