Price Magnum Yellow Tennis Balls

Price Magnum Yellow Tennis Balls:

  • Type 3 quality, pressureless tennis balls in a tube
  • Slower ball, to maximise enjoyment of the game on faster courts
  • Consistent bounce and quality you can rely on
  • Tubed in our original Price Magnum Vintage tin tube
  • Size 70mm

Stand out from the crowd with these quality, slightly larger yellow balls, printed with the Price Magnum logo for tennis players. The type 3 pressureless tennis ball is a slower ball and therefore ideal to get the most enjoyment out of your game. Good for use in social games, coaching and play on faster courts. Pressureless tennis balls are in fact the cleverer ball, the bounce is in the rubber and not dictated by the pressure in the ball thereby giving the ball a longer life and consistent performance.

A quality ball, designed and manufactured in the UK and Europe by Price of Bath, the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe. Producers of sporting balls since the 1930s. 

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