Heart Printed Tennis Balls Tubed

Heart Printed Tennis Balls:

  • Heart Printed type 2, quality, pressureless tennis balls in a tube
  • Suitable for court play and practice
  • Consistent bounce and quality you can rely on
  • Made in the UK
  • Size: 66mm

Hot off the press! Beautiful handmade tennis balls available in a variety of colours decorated with a heart print motif.

Hand-finished tennis balls, customised with a heart - a great gift for a loved one, friend or for yourself! Available in a variety of colours, Red, Pink, Pale Pink, White, Orange, Green or the traditional tennis Yellow.

Our balls are the real deal, , designed and manufactured in the UK by Price of Bath, the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe.  Producers of sporting balls since the 1930s. Our balls are made from rubber, mixed to our secret formulation for just the right bounce. excellent quality and can be played on court - the unique heart and colour choice makes them easy to spot!

Everything is made the good old fashioned way.  The rubber is milled, the half shells are moulded and joined.  The balls are covered with cloth by hand.

You can order the balls in a variety of colours in tubes of 3 or 4, making the satisfying pshhhhh sound as you open the ringpull top.

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