Printed Coloured Dog Balls Loose Packed

Coloured Dog Balls in a Variety of Dog Theme Prints:

  • Loose packed
  • Quality tennis balls with great bounce and playability
  • Made in the UK
  • Size: 66mm

Beautiful hand made tennis balls available in a variety of colours decorated with a variety of dog themed prints.  

Indulge your dog with these unique tennis balls. Set of 3 or 4 hand finished tennis balls, customised with a dog theme print - choose between Dog, Woof, Fetch, a paw-print or a dog bone print.  

A perfect gift for any dog. Brightly coloured so can be easily spotted.  Our balls are the real deal, excellent quality and can be played with by two legged tennis players as well as your four legged friends! 

Everything is made the good old fashioned way.  The rubber is milled, the half shells are moulded and joined.  The balls are covered with cloth by hand.

You can order the balls in a variety of colours in sets of orange, pink or green.  Our balls are made from rubber, mixed to our secret formulation for just the right bounce.  We have been buying our tennis cloth from the same UK manufacturer for many years ensuring it's heritage and great quality.

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