Pastel Coloured Tennis Balls Loose Packed

Pastel Coloured Tennis Balls:

  • Type 2, quality, pressureless tennis balls, loose packed
  • Five colour options
  • Suitable for court play and practice
  • Consistent bounce and quality you can rely on
  • Size 66mm

Stand out from the crowd with these quality pastel coloured balls for tennis players. Type 2 pressureless, regular tennis balls with a consistent bounce for on court play, coaching, social or matches. Pressureless tennis balls tend to keep their bounce for longer making them the ideal practice balls.

Our tennis balls are used for other purposes too, we have had great reviews from other sportsman and dog lovers. Price's tennis balls are excellent for playing catch with, have a great bounce and make ideal gifts for adults and kids alike.

Price of Bath is the only remaining ball maker in the UK and Europe. Producing Tennis balls as well as many other sporting balls since the 1930s. Other tennis balls on the market are imported and generally made down to a price point. Not us! We concentrate on making quality balls right here in the UK.

We continue to manufacture in the UK - providing quality balls to our customers.

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